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Welcome to Orena Solutions !

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Steps :
1) Step 1 : Login / Create new account 
    Click the 'Log in' button on top right corner on the website . Click Create a new
    account button at the bottom of the form . Fill correct details required in the form.
    You'll receive a mail on registered mail Id . Validate your account through the mail
     received. Then get back to the website and login with your details .

2) Step 2 : Directed to home page

 Scroll down to available courses and select the appropriate course . You will get the enrolment option below . Enroll yourself for the course . Go to the respective fresher section and attempt the quiz .

3) Step 3:  Read the instructions and make sure your camera is enabled 

4) Step 4:  Attempt the test in given amount of time . If time exceeds the test will get closed . 

Only one attempt is allowed . 


If you are an ENTC candidate you have to give EC quiz or If you are an IT candidate you have to give IT quiz